Ultra Clean

For bottling of fresh milk in PET or Glass bottles in ULTRA CLEAN environment Linker Corp offers the models of Ultra Clean solutions, suitable for liquid dairy products, yoghurts, juices and other microbiologically sensitive products.

The new Ultra Clean series - a synchrobloc in ULTRA CLEAN edition, equipped with all the necessary and specialized systems for filling of microbiologically sensitive products in sterile environment. A system, guaranteeing the conservation of the product for a long time - up to 120 days. Ultra Clean provides for clean technology - a sterile environment ISO 5 is maintained in the filling and capping zone. The machine is equipped witha system for real-time control of the processes being performed.

Ultra Clean machines is flexible. Setting-up for work with different products and containers requires minimal time and is carried out using the specially designed functions that allow you to save the values of different parameters into a predefined sets for a given product/container.

Different configurations have been designed for the synchrobloc Ultra Clean, covering the capacity range of 60 bpm up to 400 bpm for containers/bottles with capacity from 80 ml up to 5 liters.