Purity Protection System  - (CIP/SIP Automatic washing)

Washing of the machine at certain time periods is an obligatory process when aiming for Ultra Clean environment. Linker provides its own CIP installations for maximal compatibility with the filling equipment.  Centralized system for lead-off of the washing fluids and their return to the CIP system is a dedicated system for preparation of washing and disinfecting solutions.

Upon request we provide:

  • Devices for preparation of hot hydrogen peroxide Н2О2 solution and sterile water, used for bottles and caps treatment.
  • Device for preparation and supply of sterile air, utilizing enzyme HEPA filters.

Overpressure supply of a laminar flow of sterile air in the clean zone for filling and capping in order to prevent contamination arising from the surrounding environment. For high washing process efficiency the machines are equipped with rotating spherical sprayballs in the product tank and dedicated nozzles in the machine chamber to thoroughly spray the disinfecting agents on the crucial machine components. The design is optimized to allow easy access of the washing fluid to the all parts of the machine chamber. Sharp edges are avoided and surfaces are mirror polished to achieve perfect washing. Highly inclined surfaces “Sloping Base”, welded to the main frame and plate, that serve as the bottom of the machine working zone and provide for quick and complete lead-off of any fluids and faster drying of the machine surfaces. Freestanding safety fencing with safety glass full-area windows, allowing for easy access to the machine from all sides and perfect cleaning of the floor under the carrying construction.